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IDM INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT MYANMAR CO., LTD/ID Myanmar is a one-stop IT services company, providing comprehensive outsourcing and training services. We can provide IT specialists for IT Infrastructure/Networking, IT security services and Software development for our customer’s needs up till satisfaction. We also aim to develop employability skills not only technical skill but also interpersonal communication skill that can improve opportunities to find and keep work.

Our Process

Step 1

Be Trained!

Practical and tailored prepare training program

Rich experience and technologies for real-world IT environment

Step 3

Work in Japan

Job opportunities in ID Japan company and other Japanese companies

Step 2

Get Hired!

Job opportunities from both local and overseas companies as an IT professional

Step 3

Work in Japan

Job opportunities in ID Japan company and other Japanese companies

I was graduated degree in computer technology. In academic years, I started learn about networking and then I was interested in it. So, I attended Network Engineering course in ICTTI for six months long. After that I wanted to know more about virtualization and windows server with hand-on labs. Then I found i-Tech Camp course from IDMyanmar that course is the combination of four subjects (Networking, Windows Server, Virtualization, Linux Server) what are essential knowledge for Network Engineer. This training based on both theory and hand-on labs by using real devices, trained not only technical skill but also soft skills that are really useful in working environment. After finished this training program, I got more self-confident in hunting job. One month later, I got a job as a junior system engineer at NTT Data Myanmar co, ltd. That’s sincerely acknowledge to all instructors and IDMyanmar co, ltd.

Yin Hnin Hlaing

I was graduated from University of Technology, Yatanarpon Cyber City (UTYCC), specialized in Computer Engineering. After graduation, I was looking for the job and I got a job as a junior database engineer. While working a few months I realized that it is not passionate and suitable job for me, then I wanted to know more about IT technologies. So, I was looking for the courses and training class that is really suitable with me. Luckily, I knew about the courses related networking ( i-Tech Camp) from IDMyanmar and I interested in it. As I expected, all courses in i-Tech Camp made me industrial readiness. Instructors guided to me not only technical skill but also other human skills like communication, presentation, time management, documentation and so on. After finishing this training, I made renew resume and hunting job for network and system engineer position confidently. A few days later, I was called to be interviewed and got a job as Junior Network and System Engineer at Mitsuiwa-ACE Engineering Limited, a subsidiary of ACE data systems Ltd. I sincerely thanks to IDMyanmar. I can make my profession and better career with IDMyanmar. Thank you.

Soe Moe Aung

I was graduated from Computer University and specialized in computer technology. I started interest in Networking at my second year student’s life. While I was learning Routing and Switching in my student life, I got academic concepts and performed the configuration through simulation tools. But, at that time, I can’t bridge that knowledge with real working area. After I joined CCNA class in my university, I got some confidences in routing and switching. But I had no idea with server administration. I would like to know about that for my future career as Network Engineer/System Administrator. That’s why I grasped the training opportunity from IDMyanmar. During the training period in IDMyanmar’s i-Tech Camp, I could imagine various ways of career opportunities in Networking. And also, there was good infrastructure (such as routers, switches, firewall,server,etc) for practical labs. As an inexperienced/fresh graduated person, no need to afraid anymore to configure/troubleshoot on real devices. I did every assignment jobs on real devices, this is the most satisfaction in this class and then I knew myself who want to be a system administrator/engineer in my near future.

Marlar Soe

I am a fresh graduate in Computer Science. During my final year of student’s life in Computer University, I had to join to the software company as an internship. At that time, I didn’t know clearly what I do. I can’t find myself and I was struggle with the clarity of my passion. After finishing internship period, I was seriously talking about our future career with my friends. We figured out there are many IT related engineering jobs and then started to imagine and interest in Networking especially, but I didn’t know where to start. Fortunately, I found the training program for UCSY students that supported by IDMyanmar. When I browsed the services of IDMyanmar’s training academy, i-Tech Camp program attracted to me with the combined courses (Linux Server, Window Server, Networking and Virtualization). I can get this course package in one place, that’s why I try to join this training program. As I expected, I had the very good opportunities to get the concept & experiences through assignment based practical. During training period, instructors link our background knowledge with hands-on lab, then fill-up new concepts and create real working environments with related devices. While studying one course by one course, I found myself where do I go from now on. I got valuable experiences not only technical skill but also time management, documentation and presentation skills that are really needed in working environments. I feel very motivated and confident for my near future. That’s why I would like to sincerely thanks to IDMyanmar which is the creator of the exciting future for Myanmar young IT/Network engineers.

Zin Minn Oo

I was standing at IT Fields as an IT Technician, IT Supervisor for about 4 years. Then I would like to improve my career as a Network Engineer with good salary. So, I was looking for training academy to boost my technical skills and then I found the IDMyanmar’s training programs. This is very suitable for everyone who want to fill the skill set of Network Engineer. That’s why I joined this training program (i-Technology Camp). After that, I changed my career as a Network Engineer confidently. Now at my new working environment, I found myself keeping head up and chest out. I can discuss fully knowledge & theory PLUS practical experience backup with my clients. The greatest benefit is I can answer confidently to the questions receiving from supervisors, junior staffs. I can stand a bit taller and do like the way I feel about myself.

Wanna Zaw

After studying IT major at my university, I want to improve my life related to my degree. I’m willingness to take challenges. When I first began job hunting in Yangon, I went to Education and Career Fair at Tatmadaw Exhibition Hall. There are many Education and Career Center. I found IDM Education center by chance. One of them at IDM explained me about their education course and job opportunity for me. At the time, I was very interested in it and decided to join. IDM is not only good at teaching but also comfortable to learn without other noises. There are many types of network devices we can test in practice. And also we have to make presentation one by one concerned with learning topics. By doing so, we can do confidently without fears in career. After finished all my learning courses, I got an opportunity in finding a good environment. The benefits of IDM, I got a chance to join a Japanese company as a network engineer that I want to be thanks to IDM. Let’s challenge the world with what you learned.

Ei Pwar Pyae Phyo Naing

I entered into the IT field in 2010 and worked in outdoor services company (IT) in Yangon. I hadn’t enough IT knowledge and technical skills. I faced many problems and difficulties, and I hadn’t fully confidence in my career. Thus, I would like to improve my abilities to grab the better career. That’s why I started to explore where is the place to reinforce my technical skills to stand at as a professional in IT fields. Luckily I found the training academy of IDMyanmar Co. Ltd., and the contents of this training and assignment-based teaching approach made me interest in it seriously. Then, I joined this training. During training periods, I become more and more confident in my abilities because of the teaching environment is liked a real-working area. So, I started my freelance in IT field after finishing the i-Tech Camp (Network Professional Training Course) from IDM Information Development Myanmar Co. Ltd,.

Nandar Lwin