Course Objective : To design, implement and maintain Windows server environment in the enterprise.

Target Trainee : Applicants with prior knowledge and practical use of Windows Desktop. Windows Server Knowledge is not necessary but it will help. And students who had finished iWSB.

Contents of Course : Windows Server Basics, OS Installation/ Setup, AD Domain Service /Setup, Domain Name System, Local Web Server, Security Settings, Group Policy Management, Auditing/ Log Management, Backup Operation.


Course Objective : Be confident for Linux Server OS and service configurations. Configure Linux Server security.

Target Trainee : Users who has Linux OS knowledge and who already attended iLSB. IT degree holders preferable.

Contents of Course : Introduction to Unix Basic, OS Installation/Setup, Unix Basic, Setup User/Group/Environment Variables, etc., DNS(BIND), Web Server, Security, Definition of Auditing/Log Management, Backup.


Course Objective : To create network environment in accordance with design drawing, to design network environment depending on the situation, and deeper understand networking concept/ can configurate cisco device and Juniper firewall.

Target Trainee : Users who has network knowledge, IP calculation, network cable termination and who already attended iNB.

Contents of Course : Network Basic I/Network Topology, Network Basic II/OSI Model, Switch (Basic setup), Switch (VLAN setup), Router Basic, Router Setup, Security (Access Control), General Practice (Build Small Network).


Course Objective : To understand Virtualization Technology and can create virtualization environment by Vmware ESXi.

Target Trainee : Users who has Network basic knowledge, IP calucation, network cable termination and who already attended iNB.

Contents of Course : Introduction to Virtualization, Installation and Configuration ESXi, Virtual Machine and Guest OS Installation, Microsoft Failover cluster, vCenter server installation, Migrating Virtual Machines, Creating Virtual Machine Snapshots.