Learning Management System

Solution Name

Learning Management System

Solution Overview

Make original online education and training easier than ever before

Learning Management System is a service that provides a remote learning environment for teaching and learning anytime and anywhere.
The service features a user-friendly interface and simple operation, and is perfect not only for corporate training but also for cram schools and lectures.

Target Companies

Easily perform online training without specialized IT knowledge

Do you want to easily run schools and conduct training online?
Do you want to provide online training but lack the specialized knowledge?
Do you want to switch from group training to online training at your company?
Do you want to understand and manage the progress of your students?
Do you lack specialized knowledge on IT and require support?

Support from ID Myanmar

ID Myanmar supports the implementation of the Learning Management System.
We also provide systematic support services for those who do not have the expertise to conduct online training classes and maintenance.

Effect of Adoption

Learning Management System enables you to:
Easily provide a learning environment anywhere at any time.
Easily manage student grades and attendance.
Support employees obtaining certification to improve their careers and contribute to society.

Description of Service and its Features

1.Refined user-friendly interface

The intuitive interface is easy-to-use for both students and operators.

2.Personalized dashboard

Freely rearrange the items displayed on the dashboard, such as current courses and future courses.

3.Collaboration tools and activity management

Use forums and wikis in your classes in addition to recorded content.

4.Checking progress

Enable parents/guardians and managers to check student progress and feedback on tests.