Device Management Outsourcing Service

Solution Overview

Outsource IT maintenance to focus resources on your core business

Device Management Outsourcing Service is a service that provides device purchase and installation, setup, application installation, maintenance, and remote help desk support. Outsourcing IT devices and their maintenance enables you to focus resources on your core business.

Target Companies

Are the adoption and operation of IT devices putting pressure on your business?

Is computer trouble and maintenance placing a burden on your company?
Do you have a lack of IT experts or engineers?
Do you have trouble handling operating system upgrades?
Is your network environment unstable?
Is computer trouble causing delays in your customer service?

Device Management Outsourcing Service enables you to:
Alleviate your concerns regarding IT related trouble.
No longer have to hire people to handle your IT work.
Focus on smoothly running your business, and thereby help increase customer satisfaction.

Description of Service and its Features

1.Device adoption service

We provide proposals according to your requirements and handle the purchase and setup of computers, operating systems, applications, and network devices.
- Computers, operating systems, applications, networks, printers, etc.
*You can specify the vendor you want to use.

2.Device installation

We investigate your office layout and power supply environment, perform device installation and confirm that the power is turned back on.

3.Setup and testing

We set up hardware and software according to your requirements and environment, and deliver it in a ready-to-use state.
We provide you with a detailed list of the device settings and other information at handover.
*You may be asked to provide installers for software that we are unable to obtain.

4.Maintenance and help desk

We utilize telephone, e-mail, and remote desktop to respond to any computer trouble you may have.
This service offers a choice of remote help desk support and "one set services" that provide both remote and on-site support.
This service has a cap on the number of hours per month and on-site time per month, and can be used as much as you like up to the cap.
*You can use all spot services while you have a contract for this service.