IDMyanmar’s Programmers have been introduced in the program named ”WHAT’S YOUR CONNECTION? Letters from Myanmar” of NHK World Japan


IDMyanmar’s Programmers, who went to ID Japan for attending Advanced Training, have been introduced in the program named “What’s your Connection? Letters from Myanmar” of NHK World Japan. Mr. Win Morisaki, who is a rising star in both Japan and Myanmar, performed as the facilitator in this program. In this program, Myanmar Young Programmer who works in IDMyanmar talked about the interesting in NHK World Japan and familiarity with Japanese culture since childhood, and then explained about her future dream and how to apply the knowledge and experience of this training.

▼What’s your connection? ~ Letters from Myanmar ~

This multilingual program discovers surprising connections between Japan and people & places across the globe. NHK WORLD-JAPAN’s Myanmar service receives hundreds of messages every month. Each one conveys affection for Japan and an interest in various aspects of the country. In this episode, Win Morisaki, an actor from Myanmar, introduces connections between the 2 societies that may not be widely known but run deep.