Experiences of working in Japan


Title : Experiences of working in Japan

Location: IDMyanmar Office, Yangon, Myanmar

Experiences sharing event about working in Japan was held on Friday, 3-Jan-2020. This event is intended for Myanmar young people who would like to work in Japan.

In this event, speaker, who is currently working in Tokyo, gave her experiences to audience not only about the working environments but also about the daily life in Japan. She encouraged to Myanmar young people with her valuable experiences such as how she overcomes the difficulties, how much her eyes opened widely after working in Japan, how she can find the way of her future and so on. After that she gave some tips which are needed to prepare before go to Japan such as not only having a specialized skill but also you should be motivated person for your future career, then she pointed out the Japanese Language skill is a must. We (IDMyanmar) hope the audience may get some important tips to prepare for working in Japan.

Special thanks to you all and hope to you’ll join with us for your brighter future!!