The first step of CSR activities of IDMyanmar


In order to the purpose of our CSR activities, we (IDMyanmar) would like to assist educational facilities for the impoverished and orphan students. Most of the charity schools are providing educational opportunities for the orphan and poor children in Myanmar.

Therefore, we have been researched what does their needs and difficulties in reality. As a survey result, IDMyanmar team made a decision to donate the monthly salary for teachers from “ Thandi ThuKa- The Buddhist-Nuns Charity School”.

Supporting teachers who provide knowledge and labor there for the purpose of providing a place for education is in common with our mission of human resource development in Myanmar. In addition, we believe that working with the future leader can contribute to the making “Waku-Waku future” for ID Myanmar staff themselves. As a very first step of Our (IDMyanmar) CSR activity, we went and served lunch for 135 students and donated stationaries and then we are going to provide for monthly salary for teachers. After that, we’ll support game-based learning materials to provide students with the opportunity to learn not only improve the functioning of brain but also collaborate, communicate, interact and work in teams, and then occasionally IDMyanmar team will do playing together with them.

The IDMyanmar will continue to contribute to society such as improving the educational environment, volunteering activities etc..