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Information Development Co., Ltd., was established in Japan and has been operating since 1969, providing comprehensive outsourcing services, that include everything from consultation to system operation management, software development, security, cloud, and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). Since our founding in 1969, we have worked independently to gain trust and support of large-scale financial institutions as well as customers in other fields. The company consolidated subsidiaries operate in multiple countries including China, America, Singapore, Myanmar.

IDS ( Information Development Singapore Pte. Ltd )

Information Development Singapore Pte. Ltd (ID Singapore) , was established on 15th, May 2012, provides IT consultation about system operations, Staff services, Office IT Support, Product Sales and IT Security Services for our customers.

What WE DO

IDM Information Development Myanmar Co., Ltd (ID Myanmar), was established on 19th, May 2015, ID Myanmar mainly provides IT training academy, Staff service and Software Development for our valuable customers. With ID Group global network, ID Myanmar provides IT Infrastructure/Networking and Security Solution Services.

Innovation Driven Visionary Company


We will always make decisions based on business ethics rather than profitability.


We are an information service company dedicated to the creation of exciting futures for everyone.


High technology is ID's life force.

High quality service is ID's mission.

Challenging the unknown is ID's proposition.


Organization that promotes forward thinking.

Organization that promotes organizational innovation.

Organization that promotes employee personal growth.

About ID Group