IDM Information Development Myanmar Co., Ltd participated in Yangon ICT Expo – 2017

Event :      Yangon ICT Expo (Sep – 2017)

Location: Tamadaw Exhibition Hall, Yangon, Myanmar

Date:        1~3 September 2017

Yangon ICT Expo (Sep – 2017) which was held on 1~3 September 2017 in Tamadaw Exhibition Hall, Yangon, Myanmar, organized by Yangon Region Computer Industry Association (Yangon RICA) and Yangon Region Computer Professionals Association (Yangon RCPA). Our IDM Information Development Myanmar Co., Ltd joined in this Yangon ICT Expo 2017.

In this event, IDM aims to introduce “what IDMyanmar Co., Ltd does” among the market, to get in touch with as many IT Engineers as possible for our IT Staff Services and to give valuable information to our customers by presenting academic plan in IDMyanmar and job opportunities offered by  IDMyanmar. We gave the T-shirts as gifts to the guests who interested in our services and  we exchanged information with visitors in this event.